The Completion of Transmission Line 110kV – Significant Milestone Toward the Official Connection & Integration Into The National Grid.

Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant Project finished the work of pulling 110kV transmission line on 30 December 2022. This is a significant milestone for the Project to move toward the trial operation and internal grid operation, ready for the official connection and integrate into the National grid in Quarter III, 2023 as planned.

The 110kV transmission line of Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant Project has the length of 4.5 km, passing through Hoa Dong Commune, Vinh Chau Town, Soc Trang Province, managed and constructed by the Investor, Wind Power Hoa Dong Company Limited, and Project Contractors from September 2020. The project implementation process had encountered many objective factors such as COVID-19 epidemics in 2020, 2021; Especially, the long-standing problems in compensation for site clearance had caused the last pulling section to be delayed till the end of December 2022.

Despite facing many difficulties, the Project had always received the attention and support from the local authorities, provincial and town Departments by their actions of removing difficulties and obstacles in the site clearance work. At the same time, the drastic intervention of the local authorities where the Project’s transmission line goes through had created an idea condition for the construction company to deploy and complete the project.

The completion of the 110KV transmission line means great significance to Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant Project, it is a premise for the trial operation of the plant and the internal grid operation, and that, to make the way to the official connection and integration to the national grid in September 2023, contributing in a clean, stable and long-term electricity supply, serving the economic development, tourism, social welfare and national security in Soc Trang Province.