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Hoa Dong wind power plant project is owned by a partnership between UPC Renewables Vietnam Management, AC Energy – the energy platform of Ayala Corporation, Vietnam Small And Medium Enterprise Construction Investment JSC – SMEs

We try to perform simultaneously the work of organizing and building for two projects to reduce costs and accelerate the process to get COD with Feed-In Tariff from the Government. The operation phase is scheduled to start in September 2021.

The project company’s goal is to provide local people with employment opportunities. The investor and our contractors have a target to provide 80-120 Provincial jobs during construction and 8-15 jobs during operations for both Hoa Dong and Lac Hoa projects. If we cannot find local employees with the required skills to fill positions, then we will bring in employees from outside of the area. There are many jobs in the construction of a wind farm that are specialized skills and employees may be brought to the site from other provinces in Vietnam and from international resources.

The investor’s goal for the project is to deliver renewable energy and support local communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and following international standards to ensure that the local community benefits from the project.

The Investor is very experienced moving Wind turbine components all over the world in much more challenging road conditions that what is in the project area, and has been working with transportation consultants and logistic contractors to finalize a plan to bring components to site and after we have finalized the solution we will share this information with the community. The route for transportation of turbines is only a few km from the site and may involve brief road closures at times that will minimize inconvenience.  It is not seen as a significant challenge and is expected to have only a limited impact on the local community.

UPC may need to improve roads or bridges and commits that road conditions will be as good or better than current conditions after the transportation of equipment.

Yes, after the construction phase, local people can access the roads for daily activities.

Not directly, but the wind power plant will provide 112,323 MWh of clean energy to the national Grid annually, contributing to the sustainable growth of the electricity industry as well as reducing the burden of local electricity demand, so it will contribute to reducing the risk of an electricity price increase due to supply shortage.

Basically, the wind power plant is clean and safe for the environment, during the construction phase it may cause some minor environmental impact such as spill/waste/dust from construction machines/vehicle/on-site workers…but we will closely monitor and strictly follow all requirements from local authorities to minimize its impact.

Yes, you can continue to operate your shrimp farm when the project is in operation. The construction of the project may have some impacts on adjacent farms and the investor will work with neighboring farms to ensure that they are not negatively impacted by the project.

The land acquisition will be started in May 2020 and the Investor will continue to work with local government to complete this process following the Vietnam regulations.

Your family may be considered as vulnerable Project Affected People (PAP), depending on how your family is affected by the project. We will develop with you, suitable programs to support not only your family but also for other PAPs, to minimize adverse impacts.

The development and construction plan of Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant started in August 2019 and is expected to put into operation in September 2021.

Yes, you can buy or sell near the project.

Yes, Wind turbine when operating will make a “swish, swish” type of sounds when turbine blades pass by that is likely to be heard in low and moderate winds and not at all when there is high wind due to the sound of the wind in nearby vegetation will most likely down-out the turbine sounds.

The wind farm will not affect the operation production of the shrimp farm during the operation of the project but during construction, there may be some impacts to farms adjacent to the project and the investor will work with our neighbors to ensure that they are not negatively impacted by the construction of the project.

The Investor and sub-contractors are creating recruiting plan and we will notify the community on jobs opportunities and application process in the near future.

There are a variety of skilled and unskilled positions that the investor and sub-contractors will be hiring, and after discussions with the district, commune, and provincial stakeholders, we will provide more details on jobs and hiring process.

Wind farms are a safe and clean way to generate electricity.  But wind farms are operating power plants and generate electricity that can be dangerous if safety procedures are not followed.  The investor creates working plans and procedures to ensure the safety of employees and the community near our wind farms.

The area required for a single turbine is generally quite small. Each turbine requires about 40 x 90 m (3600 m2) working area.

However, during construction, a larger area of 3000 – 4000 meters square will be required temporary for placement of turbine components and maneuver of heavy equipment.  Although we will lease blocks of land, we will only use what we need and where practical farmers are welcome to continue to use much of the land.

Wind turbines do create magnetic waves in the process of creating electricity, but the magnetic fields created are very small, equal to what is transmitted on local 22kV EVN lines.  These have been studied extensively and all scientific information indicates that people’s health will not be negatively impacted by the wind farm.

Lac Hoa wind power plant has 2 phases of project development. At this stage, most of the projects will be located in Hoa Dong Commune because of the efficiency and productivity of the wind turbine layout. The project name was determined at the initial stage and the contracts and agreements with the provincial and national governments used this name, so, unfortunately, we could not change the project name without delaying the project. There is another wind project in Block 5 being developed by Vinh Chau Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company with the same name. This is not the same investor.

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