Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant is planned to be built in Hoa Dong, Lac Hoa, Vinh Hai commune Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province.

The Time-bounded land-use area of Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant is about 10,5 Ha, the temporary land-use area of the project is about 9,0 ha.

The project has an estimated installed capacity of 30.0MW (phase 1). Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant is responsible for producing electricity to supply electricity to the national electricity system with an estimated annual electricity output of about 112.323 MWh.

The main items of the project:

  • Upgrade Road 41 (upgrade current District road).
  • Substation construction.
  • Operation house construction.
  • Access Road.
  • Transmission line.
  • Foundation and installation of Wind Turbines.

Project phases


  • Collect and analyze wind resource data.
  • Surveying the project area.
  • Investment registration, implementation of legal procedures, site clearance.
  • Feasibility study (FS) and basic design.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (EIA).
  • Project Engineering and Layout.
  • Power Purchase Contract.
  • Financial Closing.


  • Civil works.
  • Electrical works.
  • Construction of transmission line.
  • Turbine Erection.


  • Power transmission via EVN transmission line.
  • Short, medium and long-term monitoring of wind resource for power generation.
  • Maintenance of wind farm facilities.
  • 20-25 Years of Power generation.

Project timeline

The following actions for the Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant Project have been completed and/or expected to start between the period of August 2019 and ending with the start of the operation of the project in April 2022. Specifically:

Project's general layout

Project's close-up layout


  • The time-bounded land-use area of Lac Hoa Wind Power Plant is about 10,5 ha.
  • The temporary land-use area of the project is about 9,0 ha.

Approximate Land Usage During Construction and Major Maintenance of Wind Turbine Towers

  • Turbine foundations for the project are round and reinforced concrete foundations with a diameter of Bm = 27.0m, and depth of 3.5m. Using PHC pipe of 80cm diameter.
  • Each turbine requires about 40 x 90 m (3600 m2) working area.

Land Acquisition Process

  • The project will conduct the land acquisition following current regulations of the Government as well as the international best practices to the fullest extend permissible within those regulations.
  • The project will consider feasible alternative project designs to avoid or minimize physical and/or economic displacement, while balancing environmental, social, and financial costs and benefits, paying particular attention to impacts on the poor and vulnerable.
  • The project will minimize adverse social and economic impacts from land acquisition or restrictions on land use by (i) providing compensation for loss of assets and (ii) ensuring that resettlement activities are implemented with appropriate disclosure of information, consultation, and the informed participation of those affected.
  • The project will establish a grievance mechanism consistent as early as possible, in order to allow the affected people to raise specific concerns about compensation and relocation in a timely fashion.

Approximate Per/Turbine Land Usage After Construction of Wind Turbine Towers

  • 4.5 m wide access road after construction.
  • Typical total land usage is approximately 0.05 Ha per turbine.
  • Whenever possible, UPC utilizes pre-existing roads rather than constructing new roads.
  • Turbines will have a safety zone of at least 250m from any permanent residence.


Noise issue

Wind turbines make a swooshing noise.

  • In some areas this noise is hidden by the sound of wind in nearby trees or other vegetation.
  • In technical terms, turbines generate 34-45 dB at a distance of 350 m, for comparison a car traveling 64km/h at a distance of 91 m generates 55 dB.
  • New wind turbines are more quiet than older versions.
  • Existing sound levels have been measured at 54dB and turbines do not increase existing noise levels at approximately 200m from turbine.

Specialized equipment used to transport and erect turbines

How will wind turbines be built?

Turbine assembly

Wind farm under construction